About Us

The vision that created Little Pitchfork Ranch began in 1950, when our grandfather, Jack Seemann, tramped over this land, nestled in the Chugach Mountain foothills, to help a fellow railroad worker build a cabin and clear a garden patch. In his own words, “I liked what I saw. Enough flat rolling land for fields and the mountains so close, so inviting, and timber for building. I knew then, as a 19-year-old, that it was very special.” Little Pitchfork Ranch has grown from the first 140 acres, into a 600 acre ranch, still operated by our family. The land was cleared by hand to create fields, timber was harvested to build homes and cabins. Pieces of Alaskan history were collected, often from trips to remote regions with our draft horses and are now displayed in our “store”. Over the years, we have raised cattle, grain, and hay. Now, as third-generation ranchers, we raise exotic wild game: bison and elk, in addition to hay. Immense, vast mountains, canyons and valleys create our backyard. Hay fields merging into forested hills beneath these mountains, cause a person to stop in awe. It is an inspiring place where civilization disappears into Nature’s wilderness. We offer personal guided tours of Little Pitchfork Ranch because we believe this is a place where people can come to enjoy what’s natural: view the breathtaking scenery, experience up-close encounters with our herds of bison and elk, and see what it takes to work with the land to continue on in the vision of sustainable ranching.

Welcome to Little Pitchfork Ranch!